Eco Master Repairs & Servicing

Get your machine back to full health with our repair and servicing options


Basic Refresh
€550 ex vat

Replacement of Commonly Worn Parts
Return Shipping (You send to us)
1 Month Serviced Parts Warranty


Full Service
€900 ex vat

Replacement of Commonly Worn Parts
Additional Parts and Accessories
Return Shipping (You send to us)
20% Discount on Consumables
3 Month Serviced Parts Warranty


Add 12 Months Warranty
€1,600 ex vat

Replacement of Commonly Worn Parts
Additional Parts and Accessories
Return Shipping (You send to us)
25% Discount on Consumables
12 Month Machine Warranty

Service Plans Breakdown

With each step up you get all the benefits of the previous plan plus extras

Bronze Service Benefits

  • 3 x Eco Tubing
  • 1 x Water Pump Inner Tube Kit
  • 1 x Compound Pump Fitting
  • 2 x Tube Joint
  • 6 x Coloured Pad Holders
  • 1 x Platen Table Module
  • 1 x Center Seal
  • 1 x Center Pin
  • 1 x Center Pin Screw
  • 3 Hour’s Labour
  • Shipping Both Ways
  • 1 Month Serviced Parts Warranty

Silver Service Benefits

  • All the Bronze Service Benefits
  • 1 x Splash Cover (Upper)
  • 1 x Splash Cover (Under)
  • 6 x Pad Bearing (Upper)
  • 6 x Pad Bearing (Under)
  • 6 x Pad Gear
  • 6 x Pad Gear Pin
  • 6 x Pad Holder Splash Cover
  • 1 x Nozzle Bracket
  • 1 x Water Pipe
  • 1 x Reactor Pipe (Inner)
  • 1 x Reactor Pipe (Outer)
  • 1 x Pickup Vacuum Pads (Pair)
  • 1 Hour Extra Labour
  • 20% Discount on Consumables
  • 3 Month Serviced Parts Warranty
    (instead of 1 month)

Gold Service Benefits

  • All the Bronze Service Benefits
  • All the Silver Service Benefits
  • 25% Discount on Consumables
    (instead of 20% discount)
  • 12 Month Warranty
    (instead of 3 months limited warranty)

Service Specifics

What you can expect from the service

Quick Turnaround Time

Use an insured service to send to us. Once here, we aim to service and return your machine within five working days.

Completely Refreshed

As well fitting the service parts, we also fully clean down the machine. We think you’ll be impressed with how the machine looks when it arrives back!

No Hidden Surprises

Sometimes we find additional problems with machines. But we will always contact you before carrying out any additional work.

Terms of a Machine Service


We can not guarantee our work unless we’re able to return your machine to you in its protective packaging. If you do not have the original packaging then we will need to send a set to you before arranging the collection. The cost of a new set of packaging is included in the service plans as standard but we will need to add a £30 charge to the final bill if packaging is needed to be sent out. If your machine is sent to us in non-official packaging, then if any damage occurs during transit it will not be covered under the service plan and any existing warranty is voided.

Service Duration

The service usually takes 1-2 days, so including collection and return shipping you should expect the machine back within 4-5 working days. If there is going to be an extended delay due to a parts shortage or any other reasons, you will be informed straight away.

What is Covered

The service plans cover the replacement of all the listed parts and any necessary extras. If any additional parts are deemed necessary to satisfactorily service the machine, you will be contacted first for approval of the additional charges. If you decline the replacement of any additional parts we regret that we can not provide the warranty cover which is included in the silver and gold plans.

Serviced Parts Warranty

Only the parts replaced as part of the service are covered. If a problem arises within the allotted warranty period, we will replace said parts at no extra cost. You will, however, be responsible for any carriage costs. ‘Full Machine Warranty’, which is included with the Gold plan, offers full cover for the whole machine over a 12 month period. All warranty options assume part failure occurs within normal use; if a part fails due to overuse or misuse then it is not classified as a warranty repair.

Discount on Consumables

You are entitled to a discount on any consumable order placed with the purchase of a silver or gold service plan. If you would like to take us up on this offer, simply let us know when we contact you during the setup of the machine service.

Additional Charges

If there are any additional parts needed to be changed or repaired outside of what the service includes then this will be chargeable on top of the above prices but all costs will be quoted before any work is carried out.