CD Reparatören

In 2001, CD Reparatoren was started by the 3 siblings Joachim, Wiveca and Thomas. Thomas had heard that there were machines that could repair CDs and DVDs. They contacted CD Repairman in the United States, which forwarded them to Total Disc Repair in England, which had then received Europe’s agency on their machines.

At that time, sand paper was used in 3 steps – coarse, medium and fine paper and then 1 polishing step. In 2002, it was realised that there were too many disadvantages of this process and it began to develop machines that used other methods. This resulted in today’s abrasive machines and also polishing machines.

Today, 15 years later, they are the only player in the Swedish market selling these machines, with the widest range and also the longest experience in digital media repair such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs.

Whatever your needs, they have the solution for you and your company.

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